Composite fillings

We have just completed a composite filling and the following are things to keep in mind:

Be sure the local anesthetic has completely worn off before drinking anything hot.  This is to prevent you from biting or injuring your lip, cheek or tongue.  Sometimes patients also find it difficult to swallow while they are still numb, so please be careful.

These fillings are completely hardened when you leave the office.  You can eat on them as soon as the numbness wears off.  Although the fillings are polished before you leave , they may feel slightly gritty at first.  This should go away after a couple of days.  If not please call back.

Post operative cold sensitively is common!

This is usually from a normal reaction of the nerve following the procedure.  It can be helpful to use a sensitive protection toothpaste (i.e. sensodyne or crest for sensitivity) until it subsides.  Post operative sensitivity from white fillings can last from a few weeks to several months.  Please call our office with any questions.

Discontinue the use of any whitening toothpaste or other whitening products until the sensitivity subsides.

If your bite seems off or if you cannot bite normally please call the office to have your filling adjusted.  Do not wait for it to wear down on its own as the tooth may become tender.