Root Canal Therapy

We have just completed Root Canal Therapy for you.  The following are a few things we would like you to keep in mind:

The tooth with root canal therapy may be tender to chewing for the next few days.  This tenderness is normal and should subside.  Cleaning of the root canals often causes inflammation around the tooth resulting in discomfort.  This discomfort is common and can range from one to several days, especially when chewing.  If you were experiencing pain before treatment, it may take some time for the tooth to feel normal again. 

Please avoid biting or chewing on your tooth following treatment if it is sore.  If not sore, please avoid sticky foods such as caramel, jelly beans and gum, as these can loosen or remove the temporary filling.  Please call our office if the temporary filling feels loose or falls out.

If your tooth was swollen or "infected" the area may be tender for several days while healing.  Please call the office if swelling doesn't reduce after several days.

Root Canal Therapy removes the nerve (pulp) from the inside of the tooth.  Uncompleted treatment leaves diseased tissue in the tooth without sealing the end of the root.  Without completing the root canal treatment, the diseased area will spread to the surrounding bone and gums and may cause severe pain and/or swelling.  A possible side effect to this is increased susceptibility to cracks in the tooth.  To best prevent the tooth from breaking, it is often recommended a crown be placed on the tooth.

It is important to have the treated tooth periodically evaluated so we can monitor and assess healing.

Please call if you have any questions regarding your Root Canal Therapy or any aspect of treatment.