Welcome to our Testimonial Page.  With modern technology and quality care, Morris Dental Clinic is able to create beautiful smiles for patients. Regardless of what dental issues you may have, we listen to your wants and needs to determine a solution. No challenge is too great—even if it’s been many years since you’ve been to a dentist.  Here is what a few of our patients have to say about their experiences at our office.


 The staff at the clinic are very nice and i have never had any problem with the care given to me. Super great dental office. Would recommend them to anyone!


Quality dental care! Jenn is an awesome hygienist! Dr. Eric is great! Wouldn’t trust anyone else! Highly recommend Morris Dental Clinic!


Great staff from the Dr’s, hygienists, office! I always feel like I’m part of the family and well taken care of! Highly recommend them!


 Great place to bring kids, so friendly and patient!


I would like to say thank you so much for all of you that work at Morris Dental cause since I step in the clinic everyone treat me in a super good way! The doctors and assistants always explained what they were doing and talking with me so that made a great time when I was there! Thanks again!


Morris Dental Clinic has been the best change our family has made, I have been terrified going to the dentist for years, and I have twin girls that hated going to the dentist. We first decided to give Morris Dental Clinic a try with our girls after hearing how wonderful of a hygienist Jenn is. Since then our entire family has switched also, and we have had nothing but amazing care from everyone we have dealt with. I no longer fear going to the dentist and am able to relax while getting work done. The atmosphere and the staff there are so welcoming. We would highly recommend Morris Dental Clinic to anyone!


I would like to share my positive and painless experience at the Morris Dental Clinic. From receiving numbing medication to placement of my crown, I did not feel any pain or discomfort. Thank you to Dr. Jenny Perrault for her gentle touch.



The staff and doctors are amazing! I hate going to the dentists and they have been able to make it comfortable for me to go in and get work done! Simply amazing!


As a college student living on my own for the first time, I was worried about finding a good dentist in town. Im really happy that I ended up at The Morris Dental Clinic. The building is newly redone and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone was really helpful with every question I had and even helped me out with the things I should know but didn't! Plus they have little Tv's in the rooms so you don't have to be bored while they clean your teeth.


My almost 3 year old had her first appointment and it went so great! Jennifer did an amazing job getting my daughter to participate and actually clean her teeth! I am so happy with this dental office and how they accommodate kids and their parents!


Our whole family goes to Morris Dental and all have had great experiences. Our young kids especially like going to see Jenn to "tickle" their teeth and practice brushing the dragon's teeth. None of them are scared to go to the dentist and enjoy their visits!

Best dental experience I've ever had, such a wonderful staff!


I came to Morris Dental Clinic for a consultation with Dr. Meghan and Dr. Eric Rambow on what options were available for my dental care. I had several missing teeth and was unable to chew my food properly. They explained the options very well to me and my wife for my dental care. I am very pleased with my implants and bridge. Now I can chew food again.


 Great Job! The work was done expeditiously. I am very satisfied with the outcome.


The Morris Dental Clinic is a very safe, remote, and comfortable. The employees are very kind, reassuring, and easy-going. During my appointment, I felt comfortable and safe with my surroundings. The MDC is very cleanly and organized with a smooth flow of patient traffic. I recommend this clinic to fellow students who are temporarily in Morris, as this is the only dental clinic in the town of Morris.


I have had wonderful results with Morris Dental working with our insurance. 


My entire family loves Morris Dental! We always have a positive experience, and I love that I can have orthodontic work done right at my friendly, local dental clinic!


Great staff!! They do a terrific job and are very efficient. The work they have done for me has been top rate. 

Nice people, they got me in the same day, and they made me a new crown in 2 hours. From start to finish, a new crown in time for lunch. They where amazing.
Charlie Oakes 


I was in for a 6 month check-up today. The hygienist & dentist took excellent care of me! Cleaning & check-up went smoothly with few concerns. Problem areas were politely addressed with my options. I will be back in 6 months!

I appreciated that the doctor and assistant came in to help relieve my pain on their day off.


I come to the Morris Dental Clinic because everyone does their job so well.  Dr. Eric makes the work comfortable.  The front desk ladies are very helpful with appointments and insurance questions.  I recommend the Morris Dental Clinic for all your dental work.
Anthony Golobiecki


Very good, incredibly helpful and well performed.  Never felt distressed or uncomfortable.


I was very appreciative of Dr. Jenny's care today. She was humorous, intelligent, and made me feel like I was a friend rather than a patient.

 Nate Kramber


This place is awesome! Everyone is so helpful. They take very good care of you and your teeth!!

Karen Brower 


Today was another good experience at the Morris Dental Clinic. Dr. Eric and his staff are top notch. I had a filling in one tooth and a new crown put on another - after less than an hour and a half I was finished! They have invested in state of the art technology which means patients benefits - no waiting for a crown to come back from the lab! I also love their text message reminders of my appointment date and time - very efficient communication. These kinds of services are usually found in only the metro areas - we are so lucky to have it here in Morris!



Jenn the hygienist is awsome!

Mimi Frenier


I had my first fillings in many years.  All went well!  These people are gentle and kind.  I would recommend Morris Dental Clinic to anyone.

 Roxane Malland


At every level I've been treated with respect, professionalism,  and care beyond what is required.  Morris Dental Clinic only employs the best and most caring individuals.  The only place I want to see a dentist.

Samuel Roth   


Regarding KoR Whitening: I had very little sensitivity. Results were awesome. Love my smile! Never wanted to show my teeth before - not the case now. Well worth the money.

 Diane Hammond


My experience with Jennifer the hygienist was great!  She was very patient and I had no pain!

Jackie Holslin


Thanks to Katie and Dr. Eric for their quality job and excellent service.  Very well done. 

Greg Christopher
Breckenridge, MN


What a wonderful opportunity we have to replace a tooth! (Referring to an implant procedure.)

Debra Peterson 


This was my first time at the Morris Dental Clinic.  I love the work and the people there.  The staff really helped with my nerves.  Thank you so much. 

Brandon Benson


The implant appointment went well.  It was what I thought it would be, a very easy procedure and no pain involved. 

Rebecca Giese

 The implant procedure was easy to have done.  It was much easier than a root canal or filling.  Dr. Eric and Karissa do a great job and make you feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Janie Klein

My new teeth have given me more confidence, I smile more, and I'm not ashamed of me teeth or smile.  I have had people give be compliments on my teeth and smile, and all of this was done by one painless visit.  It was the best decision I have made for a long time.

Susan Ronning


I was very nervous going into this procedure!  The staff was very supportive and helpful as they explained every step thoroughly with detail.  It went extremely well- was painless.  I felt just what they explained beforehand - some tugging and pulling.  

Cheryl Bright


Dr. Eric is terrific.  I had 2 implants today and he is a caring and concerned doctor.  I would reccommend him to anyone.  Dr. Meghan is also great!

Lou Ella Eystad

 I am very pleased and grateful for Drs. Eric and Meghan Rambow's dental care.  They are so nice and explain the procedures well.  They excel in using the lastest technology, making it possible for a one day crown visit, and in-house implant.  Their assistants and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, helping to make the dental visit a pleasant experience.  

Sharon Van Alstine


My visit with Dr. Eric was the first time I had a pain free and stress free dental visit for a very long time.  Having Jenn as my hygientist was also a very pleasant experience.  My wife, Beth, says ditto regarding her dental appointments as well. 

Scott and Beth Heinrich

I can't thank Dr. Meghan enough for working with me and helping me to reach my target goal of a beautiful smile.  It was a process but through it all Dr. Meghan explained what she was doing and what the outcome would be.  She is a very kind and caring person and she was especially patient with me.  I kept telling my mother about Dr. Meghan and how wonderful she is, so my mom made an appointment.  Now, we both have beautiful smiles. I highly recommend Dr. Meghan for all of your dental needs.

Mary Hill

Dear Dr. Meghan, Dr. Eric and entire staff of Morris Dental Clinic,

Prior to my two recent appointments, I would have been challenged to define exceptional customer service by a dentist. Not any more!  Your mission statement defines the experience perfectly.  From the moment I walked in the door, I was met with professionalism.  Everything I experienced, a handshake from Dr. Meghan, an explanation of my problem, a detailed care plan, seeing my x-rays on high def TV, an accurate estimate of my costs, a crown that was ready in 10 minutes, text message and e-mail reminders of my appointments, and more than one apology for a delay in my appointment.  I also received a phone call the day after my crown to make sure I was feeling ok, and I may be missing more  on the list.  Thank you for the quality of your care and for your services.  I appreciate it!

Tom Noel

 Morris Dental Clinic did an excellent job, they were very professional, and easy to talk too. Both Dr. Eric and his assistants are very accommodating. Would highly recommend Dr. Eric to anyone!

Greg Christopher  


Karissa does a wonderful job designing the crowns.  I am amazed what they can do making the crowns right in the office.  I also like the savings I get from the office has with the "Bright Smiles Savings Club."


Lyle Christiansen                                      

I went to the dentist in constant pain, the tooth was waking me up at night and it was temperature sensitive.  I had a root canal on the tooth by Dr. Eric Rambow and now I can say I can't even tell you what tooth it was that was worked on!

Ken Feuchtenberger    

 I was very nervous for the implant the night before and the day of the procedure.  I was unaware of what the procedure all entailed.  I was shocked when the procedure was complete.  It didn't take very long and was as easy or easier than getting a filling.  I was very pleased and excited about the knowledge of this procedure from Dr. Rambow.  What a great resource to have right here in Morris.  Thank you to the gang art the Morris Dental Clinic and for the first class service.

Ryan Loge


  I don't like going to the dentist and I don't like change.  Now I have another set of dentists in the same building I have been going to for 50 years.  All the changes are wonderful.  X-rays are so fast they aren't even x-rays anymore, and you see them right away.  All my teeth up on the screen makes it so easy for me to see.  Wonderful new dentists- Dr. Meghan on my left side, for the first time ever a left-handed dentist.  Dr. Eric so patient when I keep choking as he tries to work on a tooth half way down my throat.  All the assistants so kind and helpful and making everything almost painless.  I feel so comfortable from the moment I walk in the door.  I love all the new technology, the left-handed female dentist, and the friendly atmosphere.  Now I like going to the dentist and I like the change.

Mary Anne Peterson (age 77)


The Morris Dental Clinic staff are always so friendly to talk with from the first step in the door until the last one out! Both Dr. Eric and Dr. Meghan have helped me and my family with our dental needs and we will continue to support their business!


On April 30,2013, I had two dental implants placed that were located side by side.  It was just like having a filling.  To be able to do such a sophisticated procedure with local anesthetic is not only amazing, but safe.  Dr. Eric Rambow explained each step as he proceeded.  He is very skilled and I would do it again.

Ramona Roth


I have been a patient at the Morris Dental Clinic since I moved to Morris. The staff is always friendly and informative, answering all questions with ease. I recently saw a new hygienist and she was so friendly, she talked as if we had been family friends for years. My whole family uses Morris Dental Clinic. 

 James Solvie

My very first experience with Dr. Eric Rambow was with a difficult dental procedure that had not worked out like I hoped. Dr. Eric was not the dentist that had done the procedure, but he took the time to listen to me and all of my concerns. He corrected the situation, a situation that was not his doing, yet he fixed it. He went above and beyond what I expected. I recommend him and Morris Dental to everyone I know.

Cindy Solvie

I am usually scared to come to the Dental office, but my implant procedure was very easy.  The procedure involved no pain.  The stafff is very nice.  Thank you

Laura Anderson

I want to thank the Morris Dental Clinic for all their gentleness, kindness, and taking care of my fears.  They are all a great bunch.

Peggy L. Stahl

 You guys are awesome, we just moved up here this past summer from the cities and my 2 daughters had their first appointments up here this month.  You guys did a fabulous job and everyone was so kind.  On top of all that I get a phone call that my 7 years old won the "NO Cavity Club" this month and is getting some goodies from the American Girl doll store. :) She is going to be so excited!!  Thank you for the smile I'm going to see on her face and helping make my transition a little easier!!

Jill Morgan

 The dental implant is amazing, Dr. Rambow was so good.  He walked me thru the procedure as he was working on me.  I felt good knowing what he was going to do and what was next with each step.

Marge Kleinhans

 The implant procedure went much faster and easier than anticipated with no pain involved. 

Jerry Heltemes


I had a root canal, the tooth was supposed to be sore, but after the novacaine wore off I had no pain and 24 hours after my tooth feels GREAT! 

Walter Biesterfeld


I had 3 implants placed just last week.  The procedure went well with surprisingly no pain involved. 

Perry Henrichs  



Nice people, they got me in the same day, and they made me a new crown in 2 hours. From start to finish, a new crown in time for lunch. They were amazing.
Nice people, they got me in the same day, and they made me a new crown in 2 hours. From start to finish, a new crown in time for lunch. They were amazing.
Nice people, they got me in the same day, and they made me a new crown in 2 hours. From start to finish, a new crown in time for lunch. They were amazing.